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Introducing the innovative Tight & Bright™ 3D IPL Protocol at Tights & Bright. Our approach to skin rejuvenation focuses on the core concerns of dark spots, redness, jowl tightening, and wrinkles. Designed with our clients in mind, we strive to deliver noticeable results, so you can feel confident with your refreshed and rejuvenated skin. Book your appointment now to experience the transformative effects of the Tight & Bright™ 3D IPL Protocol.

What We Treat

Hair Removal: Permanent Hair Reduction * Hypertrichosis * Pseudofolliculitits Barbae
Vascular Lesions: Couperose * Erythrosis * Rosacea * Telangiectasia * Port-wine Stains * Leg Veins
Pigmented Lesions: Melasma * Lentigines * PIH * Diffuse Pigmentation * Cafe-au-lait * Hemosiderin
Skin Rejuvenation: Acne Vulgaris * Wrinkle Reduction * Keratosis * Poikiloderma * Other Benign Lesions


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