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Intimate Skin Bleaching

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Dermatologist Tested. Safe. Effective. Trusted. Made in the USA.


You will be amazed at the INSTANT results achieved in the first use. The results are truly incredible. Immediate brightening of 2-3 shades in the first treatment! The treatment is extremely safe. The products we use are of the highest level of quality, safety and effectiveness instantly reducing the appearance of dark discolorations of the sensitive intimate areas, including the anal and genital zones, face, underarms and all areas of the body. Instant Brightening Accelerating maximizes results quickly and safely without irritation.​ It is free of any potential irritants such as fragrances and dyes. The perfect finish to ensure a pleasant experience.

Don’t Be Fooled by Pretenders! We are the Original!

Anal and vaginal “bleaching” is one of the hottest skin care trends today. Be sure not to be fooled by any products claiming to be suitable for anal bleaching. These are typically old general skin lighteners relabeled trying to take advantage of the trends. Many contain harsh chemicals such as Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid or even Mercury that can burn or irritate or have ingredients that can leave you sticky or messy. At Desert Divas and Dons we only use the best of products and our Gel is not a bleach and is the original product that has been specifically formulated and tested for use on the sensitive anal and genital areas. Our product is the one that started the trend more than 12 years ago! Safe, gentle, clean. NO HYDROQUINONE or KOJIC ACID!


Dermatologist Tested.

Our entire product line is dermatologist tested by independent labs to provide the highest degree of trust.

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