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Learn Our Secret...

Here at Desert Divas & Dons Medi Spa we share with you the secret of the semi-permanent mysteries to faking fuller eyebrows that look totally natural, microblading might just be the hassle-free solution to spending hours penciling in your eyebrows only to get the shape so completely wrong.


What is Microblading?

'Microblading is a type of eyebrow architecture. It is all about creating the best shape for each face – a totally bespoke approach for each client,' explains Anastaszia whom has been in the aesthetics industry for decades.

'The process is very precise thanks to the tool that is used which is effectively like a pen with the nib being a sloped blade with 10-12 little needles at the end - needles that don’t penetrate the skin but just delicately scratch the surface, much like a paper cut. 'The needle very finely implants featherweight strokes with a medical grade pigment on the epidermis layer for the skin, creating fine, realistic, and natural hair strokes.'


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