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Laser Hair Removal & Skin Revitalization 


How does the system work?

  • Is the first and only 2-in-1 system to offer both 808nm Diode Laser + 3D IPL.

  • Incorporates 5 different treatment modes for unmatched  customization.

  • Utilizes the MILO – a digital melanin meter for easy and accurate parameter selection for maximum safety and treatment efficacy.

  • Has an adjustable cooling system to eliminate discomfort without compromising the end results.

  • Provides a fast and effective hair removal treatment for ALL skin types.

  • Provides the highest quality laser & IPL technologies, 

What We Can Treat

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Before & After Photos

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A Complete Phototherapy Solution

With several treatment modes, you can achieve outstanding results in only one treatment! You will have an unparalleled experience when we treat you according to your unique physiology, sensitivity level, and treatment stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do ALPHA treatments hurt?

Alpha’s treatment protocols are designed to provide maximum comfort at every stage of the treatment with integrated contact cooling and 5 treatment modes. Most patients report minimal to zero discomfort.

What skin types are treatable?

The Alpha system can treat all skin types, I - VI, safely and effectively.

How long do the results last?

Some skin types and conditions don’t require any maintenance, while others generally need maintenance sessions every 6-12 months. Your practitioner can best advise depending on your specific needs.

When will I see results from my ALPHA treatment?

Generally speaking, some results can be seen after the first treatment, but the accumulative effect will be seen only after a few more sessions. Please note that every patient is unique and results may vary.