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Breast Facial (Brachial) - By Demand!


What is a Breast Facial

At Desert Divas & Dons Medi Spa, we specialize in providing you with the intensive treatments you need to look and feel your best. Our European-inspired Breast Facial is designed to target your décolleté and chest area, delivering similar results to a standard facial.

While the treatment does not serve as a substitute for breast augmentation, this aesthetic and therapeutic procedure not only enhances breast health but also significantly improves their visual appeal. Experience skin that looks and feels better than ever before!

The Benefits Include:

• Enhanced skin texture, leaving it satiny smooth

• Tightening of loose skin

• Firming, toning and plumping effects

• Remarkable improvement in skin condition leading to enhanced self-image and confidence

The Breacial Process

This amazing procedure is performed on women all over Europe and is now just making its way over to the west! 

1. Cleansing:
Eliminates general surface impurities and readies the skin for subsequent intensive treatment

2. Steam:
Softens the pores with steam to prepare for deep pore cleansing

3. Exfoliation:
Utilizes diamond hydra / microdermabrasion on the décolleté (chest, neck) to remove dull and dead skin cells, resulting in smoother skin

4. Peel:
Apply a chemical / enzyme peel for skin exfoliation, rejuvenation, blemish lightening and acne treatment, leaving the skin satiny smooth

5. High Frequency:
Use gas-filled glass probes to ozonate and eliminate bacteria in acne-prone areas, as necessary

6. Serums:
Apply collagen marine extract to rejuvenate the skin, replenish its moisture barrier and enhance its elasticity for a firmer, toned appearance

7. Serums:
Utilize Phyto Sintesi Raxoderm Bust serum, containing botanical extracts and hydrating serum, to further rejuvenate the skin, tighten it and improve its elasticity

8. Clay/Alginate Mask:
Draws out impurities, clears up blemishes, tightens, tones, nourishes and hydrates the skin

9. Vacuum Therapy:
Utilizes a pulsating suction system to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage, promoting tissue growth

10. Massage:
Involves massaging the pectoral, chest, shoulder, neck, and arm muscles, along with extensive stimulation of the central lymphatic system to promote lymph flow, physiological relaxation, increased circulation and product penetration

11. Moisturizing:
Seals in moisture and safeguards the skin's barrier layer

Breast Facial Treatment: 1 hr & 15 min | Price $290

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