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New Cellular Treatment Factor (NCTF) 


How To Get That Hollywood Glow

Look no further than Desert Divas and Dons Medi Spa!
We offer the popular FILLMED’s NCTF BOOST 135HA treatment, known for it's innovative hyaluronic acid-based magic-cocktail-in-a-bottle. While South Korea is known for world-class skincare and the popular NCTF BOOST, this treatment has now made it's way to the West!

The treatment targets common signs of aging while improving the skin's overall health at the cellar level. You'll be instantly radiating a naturally dewy "glass doll" look, while allowing your skin cells to perform at their best. 

How Does NCTF Boost Work?

This unique poly-revitalizing solution provides the dermis with the essential ingredients it needs to thrive. It creates the optimal environment that reboots your skins fibroblast activity that is responsible for the production of elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen. 

The New Cellular Treatment Factor
contains 59 active ingredients including 5mg/ml free hyaluronic acid, and a poly-revitalizing complex containing amino acids, 12 vitamins, 6 minerals, 6 co-enzymes​, 5 nucleic acids and antioxidants, including glutathione.

​• Smooths fine lines as it restores skin's radiance
• Deeply nourishing and increases skin density
• Safe and effective for all skin types

• Suitable for face, neck, hands and décolleté
• Treatment has minimal downtime (nothing on the treated area for 12 hours)

Desert Divas and Dons Skin Clinic is the cornerstone of skincare in the Nicola Valley, and only partners with the world's leaders in aesthetic innovation and specialized expert training. We strive to stay at the forefront of skincare, so we can continue to deliver exceptional results to our value customers.

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Before and After Images

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