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Teeth Whitening

Perfect Smile

Get your bright smile today!


Teeth whitening is one of the most frequently performed treatments in cosmetic dentistry. People with a beautiful, white smile are perceived as healthier and more attractive, but only few are satisfied with their natural colour of enamel. There are various causes of teeth discolouration. Enamel darkening may result from genetic predisposition, abnormal tooth development or side effects of antibiotics used in childhood. Other factors that have a major impact on the colour of teeth include smoking and consumption of products containing highly coloured substances (such as coffee, tea, wine). Professional teeth whitening treatment is a wonderful, quick and painless route to beautiful white teeth for all ages.

Teeth whitening treatment is intended for anyone who is not happy with the colour of their teeth.

Desert Divas and Dons Medi Spa uses professional Health Canada Approved products that are safe. Anastaszia is a fully accredited teeth whitening technician realizing that no matter how flawless and glowing she can get your skin to look, that the final touch is in a bright white smile just finishing off the look leaving you looking and feeling like a movie star when you leave her clinic. Having whiter teeth can make you look years younger. Don't be fooled by other teeth whitening treatments on the market that are knock offs. You can gain a bright smile up to 4-14 shades whiter with your very first treatment!


Here at Desert Divas and Dons Medical Spa Inc, we are one of only three spas in BC that has the seal of approval from Health Canada. Our teeth whitening system is dental grade. There's no need to pay on average of $600 in dental clinics for teeth whitening when you can get the same dental quality treatment at just a fraction of the price.