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A Calling to Help Others


Anastaszia Cash decided to embark on her journey to become a Skin Care Specialist in 1995. Here's her story:

Anastaszia's story began when she made her first visit to a cosmetic doctor with the hopes of removing some scarring. This scarring was as a result of severe domestic violence. During her multiple visits to the clinic, and feeling her confidence grow, she decided that she wanted to learn the skills to help other women who were also scarred by domestic abuse. She expressed this desire to her doctor and he immediately took her under his wing... and that is when her invaluable apprenticeship began!


Anastaszia continued her education by attending beauty schools in both Canada and the USA. With her passion for skin care and helping others, this solidified her desire to become a skin care expert... this became her calling!

Decades later Anastaszia decided to enter the very niche area of becoming a Paramedical Skin Specialist and eventually, a Corneotherapist. She eventually became a member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy (IAC).

What is Corneotherpy?

What is a Corneotherapist and how does it differ from a dermatologist, medical aesthetician or beauty therapist?​

The methodology and science behind Corneotherapy requires a more nuanced and greater understanding of the skin than is provided by established medical esthetics and beauty therapy training. It is focused on repairing and maintenance of the skin barrier defence system, rather than using traditional techniques.


The goal of the Corneotherapist is to diagnose and then address skin conditions, not by merely treating the symptoms but instead, finding root causes.

What type of training does a Corneotherapist require to be competent in their practice? 

In addition to years of experience with professional and medical skin treatment practices, a Corneotherapist will have extended knowledge of the physiology, anatomy, histology and morphology of the skin. They are trained in analyzing and determining the reasons for skin conditions, relating them to intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

A Corneotherapist also has working knowledge of cosmetic, scientific and medical chemistry — understanding what the effects and influences of specific types of ingredients will have on the skin conditions present.

Are skin care methods used by Corneotherapists different than conventional ones?

Yes. One of the key principles in Corneotherapy is the diagnosis and remedies that are tailored to the specific condition of the individual, while maintaining what is physiologically compatible with the case of the skin they're treating. 

In many cases, Corneotherapists will customize a regimen that involves individually customized treatments and therapeutic creams and lotions.

How I Can Help You

Anastaszia evaluates your skin conditions and provides individualized, results-oriented solutions and options for your facial and body skin. Her goal is to design, remove, rebuild and protect the skin by way of improving the cellular function.

Contact Anastaszia today at (250) 936-9200 or click to email here:


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