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Beard Growth Treatment

At Desert Divas & Dons Medi Spa we have the perfect beard regrowth system for you. Our Health Canada Approved technology stimulates hair follicles deep within the skin which stimulates regrowth and fills in patchy areas. This creates a fuller beard.


This treatment requires no downtime and lasts approximately twenty minutes. (See the Before and After image to the left.) 

To thank our First Responders and Military, we offer 20% off all spa treatment services. Plus free accommodations for out of town clients. 

Happy Client Reviews

"I have known Anastaszia for about 8 years and would drive from Abbotsford to Vancouver to see her. She is very good at what she does. She has drastically improved my skin and her prices are fair. She is now in Merrit but well worth the drive. I won't be going elsewhere. She is the best around!

Wesley E. / Abbotsford, BC

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