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Tight & Bright™ 3D IPL Protocol 


Amazing Jowl Lift Treatment!
Desert Divas & Dons Medi Spa introduces the innovative Tight & Bright™ 3D IPL Protocol. Our approach to skin rejuvenation focuses on the core concerns of dark spots, redness, jowl tightening, and wrinkles. Designed with our clients in mind, we strive to deliver noticeable results, so you can feel confident with your refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

Book your appointment now to experience the transformative effects of the Tight & Bright™ 3D IPL Protocol.


Features Of Tight & Bright™ 
Tight & Bright™ is a gentle and natural approach to skin tightening that's perfect for patients aged 30-50. Using non-invasive treatments and our years of medical expertise, we can provide our clients with the results they're looking for, without resorting to more advanced anti-ageing treatments. ​

Features include:

  • Remarkable results achieved with a gentle yet effective approach

  • Utilizes a two-pass method to enhance heat retention for optimal outcomes

  • Targets a range of skin issues simultaneously, including wrinkles, loss of elasticity, sun damage, pigmented spots, redness, rosacea, and broken capillaries

  • Offers both corrective and preventive solutions to combat future skin concerns

  • Designed as a comprehensive treatment package consisting of 5 sessions for optimal results

  • Jowl lifting and tightening 

We are very excited to add the new Tight & Bright™ treatment to the Desert Divas incredible services menu. 

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