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Ballancer® Pro Gold - Best Lymphatic Drainage


What is the Ballancer® Pro Gold? 

At Desert Divas & Dons Medi Spa, we focus on providing our clients with the most advanced care and treatments to help maintain a healthy, beautiful, and rejuvenated body. The Ballancer® Pro Gold is a cutting-edge compression therapy system designed to address various aspects of body maintenance, beauty and wellness. Used by the UFC, NHL, NFL, Elite Health Spas worldwide, and celebrities abroad, you can trust that our treatments are effective and backed by science.

The Benefits of Treatments

Ballancer® Pro Gold treatments offer a range of best in class benefits including detoxification, relief from muscular discomfort, improved circulation, reduction of cellulite appearance, enhanced digestive function, and accelerated athletic recovery. Here's the main benefits:

1. Detoxification and Fluid Reduction:
Ballancer® Pro Gold treatments aid in the elimination of toxins and excess fluids from the body, promoting a healthier internal environment.

2. Relief from Muscular Pains and Aches:
The treatments help alleviate muscular discomfort, providing relief from pains and aches caused by physical strain or tension. 

3. Enhanced Circulation:
By stimulating circulation, Ballancer® Pro Gold treatments ensure that freshly oxygenated blood reaches cells and tissues, thereby improving skin tone and promoting smoother skin.

4. Reduction of Cellulite Appearance:
Lymphatic drainage, is a key feature of this treatment which can help minimize the appearance of cellulite, contributing to a more even and toned skin texture. 

5. Improved Digestive Function:
The relaxing abdominal massage offered by the Ballancer® Pro can assist with digestive issues, providing relief and promoting better gastrointestinal function.

6. Athletic Recovery:
The Ballancer® Pro Gold is highly effective in aiding athletic recovery after intense workouts. By reducing recovery time, professional athletes can gain a competitive edge and maintain peak performance levels.

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History & Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

Originally designed to address the needs of Lymphedema and Lipedema patients, The Ballancer® Pro Gold has gained widespread recognition throughout Europe. With a strong foundation of 40 years of clinical studies supporting its efficacy, it has established itself as the gold standard for lymphatic drainage. By improving circulation, enhancing recovery, and alleviating muscular aches and pain, this system offers exceptional benefits. 

-  Supports detoxification and elimination of toxins and waste from the body
-  Reduces fluid retention and swelling
-  Reduces limb swelling following breast cancer surgery

Health  ✨
-  Increases blood flow in the musculoskeletal system
-  Enhances oxygenation of the blood
-  Improves recovery time after exercise, training, or competition
-  Increases range of motion
​-  Relieves stress, promoting relaxation while maintaining energy levels
-  Speeds up healing and reduces swelling post-surgery or injury

Weight Loss & Skin Care
-  Aids in weight loss through volume-loss (requires 2-3 sessions per week) 
-  Visibly shapes the waist, abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs

-  Firms and tones the skin, potentially reducing cellulite
-  Enhances skin glow and increases skin elasticity, particularly after pregnancy or weight loss

Pain Reduction
-  Reduces chronic fibromyalgia symptoms, aches, and pains
-  Improves varicose veins

-  Alleviates general joint and muscle pain (DOMS)

-  Reduces pain caused by excessive fluid and metabolites in the limbs
-  Relieves "heavy legs syndrome" and back pain

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