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Cash was inspired to enter the beauty industry after dealing with abuse and low self esteem. “At periods throughout my distant past, I’ve overcome physical, emotional and mental abuse,” said Cash. After spending time in foster care as a young child, Cash became involved in an abusive relationship as an adult. “It is all these experiences that give me a heart to love on the broken giving others hope who may have no hope,” said Cash. “I always vowed to be that one person to others, what I wished someone would have been to me when I had nobody to love me nor believe in me. I like to see the good in others and if I can help make someone shine, it brings me great joy.” Upon leaving the abusive relationship, Cash visited a plastic surgeon, hoping that he could help her with scarring that had been left on her face. “I went to a plastic surgeon to fix these problems and developed a fascination with it,” said Cash. “I ended up working for that plastic surgeon and managing four of his offices, started my training through him in the medical aspect of running clinics, then I ventured off to aesthetics school and now I have a large portfolio of accolades and credentials.”  

Some of those accolades included providing beauty services to A-listers, celebrities, athletes. However, Cash wanted to give back to those in need, as she herself had once been. “I wanted to start my own business after he (the plastic surgeon) retired, realizing that although my passion was the aesthetics field, I was even more passionate about helping people,” said Cash. “Being a survivor of domestic violence and abuse, it brings me great joy to assist women with removing scars, stretch marks, wrinkles or anything else I can do to improve their self worth and self esteem. I feel their emotional pain as I’ve been there.” And as the saying goes, Cash is ‘more than just a pretty face’. She also has a background in psychology and mental health, as well as spiritual wellbeing. “I’m an ordained Master’s Chaplain and a Pastoral Crisis Counsellor,” explained Cash. “I’ve counselled in maximum security prisons as a Prison Chaplain to the most dangerous of prolific repeat offenders through my faith in Jesus Christ. I have helped a multitude of women over the years exit human trafficking, domestic violence, and unforeseen situations over the past almost two decades, to find a better path of peace and serenity in their lives.  

When I have clients in my ‘chair’ at my clinic, it is not just doing a paramedical service for me. It gives me one or two hours to spread love, hope and positivity and sow into someone’s life a way to make their day better. I have built many beautiful relationships and friendships with my clients over the years.” Likewise, Cash’s husband Wes, a behind-the-scenes partner at the spa, is an ordained minister and a semi-pro body builder. Wes has suffered several injuries, including a broken back and neck, and several surgeries to correct these. He has helped many men leave their addictions behind them, inspiring through spiritual and physical health and strength. “Wes and I would welcome any Merrittonians to please feel free to pop on in,” said Cash. “Have a java on us! Get to know us. There is so much more to us than Desert Divas & Dons. We would like to serve the community in many more ways than just having clients come and pay us for services. I would like to hear stories from Merrittonians on single moms in need, abused women who need scar removal, or any stories you may have of someone who is struggling but really trying hard to get out of the situation they are in,” continued Cash. “Whether we can offer a service, scar removal from abuse, a day of pampering, a giveaway, or if I can offer a scholarship of education to provide the skills needed to exit an abusive situation, tell me your story and if it is a good fit, I will do what is right.”  - Anastaszia Cash

Nicola Valley Business Feature

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Desert Divas and Dons Medi Spa will soon be opening in the corner storefront location of the Adelphi Hotel. (Note: Now located at 1751 Granite Avenue, Merritt, BC)

Owner Anastaszia Cash is passionate about helping people and giving back to the community and is excited to bring her beauty industry experience to the Nicola Valley. “Desert Divas & Dons Medi Spa is an advanced Paramedical Lab that is ahead of the curve in antiaging skin techniques and rejuvenation, offering a multifaceted array of treatments,” said Cash, who began her career in the advanced beauty industry in the 1990s, bringing decades of experience to her clients.The spa will offer top of the line services for both men and women including hydra facials, back and chest facials, teeth whitening, hair restoration, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and more. 

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Community Futures Nicola Valley

Community Futures Nicola Valley

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Merritt Entrepreneur Spotlight

Merritt Medi Spa Entrepreneur Spotlight

Merritt Medi Spa : A couple of weeks ago I put together a promotion at Community Futures Nicola Valley. I wanted to promote some local women entrepreneurs here in Merritt BC for International Women’s Day on March 8th. This was how I met the owner and operator of Merritt’s Desert Divas and Dons Medi-Spa, Anastaszia Cash.




Merritt Medi Spa Anastaszia Cash

Anastaszia was a fantastic collaborator to work with during the International Women’s Day promotion. We wound up having a huge success over on the CFNV social media; but I could tell there was a larger story at hand and I wanted to investigate for myself. Luckily, I write a series of articles about Nicola Valley entrepreneurs on Experience Nicola Valley!

Merritt’s Desert Divas and Dons – The Beginning

Upon request for an interview, Anastaszia made arrangements quickly and easily. I got a sit-down interview spanning about an hour, as well as a guided tour of the Medi Spa! During our interview, I learned more about both Anastaszia and her husband Wes, who helps run this Merritt Medi Spa. They had an unreal story to tell, and I was honoured to be given the opportunity to hear it....

Article by Joe Nemeth

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Local Skin Clinic Opens Up New Accommodations

Having a large part of their clientele be from out of town, The Desert Divas and Dons Medi Spa have decided to open a complimentary accommodation for guests. This added feature will ensure that any traveling guests will have a place to spend the night.

Desert Divas and Dons Medi Spa is a skin clinic located along Granite Avenue. The company is best known for their exclusive and world class technology for skin care treatments which attracts clients from across the province and the country.

“A large part of clientele are coming from Osoyoos, Kelowna, some from Alberta, and some from Vancouver Island,” described Anastaszia Cash, founder of Desert Divas and Dons Medi Spa.

“People travel here to come and get these treatments so we wanted to create accommodations for them to show our appreciation.”

Nicola Valley Talk

Nicola Valley Talk

Nicola Valley Talk
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